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Notes on top 10 product management deliverables

Top 10 deliverables can be broadly split into

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Execution

Vision: Narrative

What value does your product delivers today. What will change when your vision materialises. How to get there. Write in long form. Tell a story

Vision: Product Walkthrough

Vision narrative might not always convey everything. Create mockups/prototypes. Describe what the future looks like.

Strategy: Product/Market Fit Hypotheses Hypotheses change based on market changes and customer feedback.

Have a light weight description of

  1. Target audience
  2. Problem you’re solving
  3. Value propositions
  4. Strategic differentiation
  5. Competition
  6. Acquisition strategy
  7. Monetisation strategy
  8. Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Iterate and improve descriptions as you learn more.

Design: Customer Discovery Insights

Use methods like surveys, NPS, usability studies etc to gather customer insights.

Insights helps you decide what to build.

If a discovery leads to a surprise, this means the insight is valuable. Optimise your process to increase the quality and quantity of surprises.

Design: Product Roadmap

Use a tool that everyone is comfortable with. Everything that requires a time period should be reflected on the roadmap.

Apply 3 different lenses

Customer - What features would impact the most important user segment? Business - What product action would improve the top business key results? Vision - What steps at this moment will take you closer to the future vision?

There will be conflicts. Hence roadmapping is more art than science.

Design: Product Requirements

Forcing function to think through the experience Communication tool with stakeholders (eg: designers)

At least have:

  • Detailed description of problem
  • Target audience
  • Why this solution
  • Success metric

Execution: Metrics Dashboards

Only have those metrics that are important. Not too much. Not too little.

  • Acquisition: Discovery and signups
  • Engagement: Active users
  • Monetisation: Revenue

Execution: Team OKRs

Use OKRs. Easiest way to communicate priority, progress and milestones.

Execution: Decision Rationales

When sharing a decision, also share the rationale for making that decision. This helps build trust. Always document decisions.

This also lets you revisit decisions in case of a wrong one.

Execution: Product Wins

No 1 priority. Solve customer problem. Build a meaningful business.

Other deliverables are tools to make this happen.